About us

About us


Company “METALCOM INVEST” EOOD is the legal successor of the activity of the company ET “IVAN DAVIDKOV” founded in 1992. in the city of Blagoevgrad.

The company is permanently present on the market with ferrous metals, fuel, road bitumen and asphalt mixtures such as through 2005 year we were nominated for taxpayer of the year in the category “Individual”, and in 2015. falls into the prestigious ranking of top 300 most profitable company in Bulgaria and in the same year Metalcom Invest EOOD was awarded as TRUE LEADER by ICAP Bulgaria for trade in ferrous metals.
The good and quality work of the company with its partners both in the country and abroad, manage to impose and establish it on the market over the years, with which it guarantees participation in various projects both locally and internationally.
We work with all major rebar manufacturers and suppliers, B and K tubes, electrically welded pipes and networks in the country and Europe, on the other hand, our regular customers are leading companies in the field of construction.
In recent years, the company has established itself as the main supplier of ROAD BITUMEN, PB 50/70, PB 70/100, PMB 25-55-55 and PMB 45-80-65, production of NIS- Oil Industry Serbia Pancevo Refinery, Helenic Petroleum- Greece, SHIP Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lukoil Bulgaria and others.

We also own ASPHALT BASE- “Marina” 200-Е L/R, located in the land of the village. Dolna Dikanya, municipality of Radomir, certified for the production of asphalt mixtures, Crushing plant, R-C1-130-130/W-DEIH../S състояща се от мобилни и станционарни части. Партнираме в съдружие и разпалагаме със сертифициран арматурен двор за производство на арматурни заготовки.

“Metalcom invest” EOOD also works and invests in other areas of the economy with various partners.
-production and bottling of spring mountain water, soft drinks: www.ecobottles-bg.com
-хотелиерство и туризъм: www.neptunbeach.com, www.voyaresort.com
-management and sale of apartments: www.luxor-bg.eu, www.fortnoks.org, www.sorrentosolemare.ru , www.domus-invest.bg